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Promoting Mental Wellness Through Research & Program DevelopmentThe Laurel Foundation

Since 1989, The Laurel Foundation has worked to support and promote the betterment of people’s mental health. The Laurel Foundation collaborates closely with reputable researchers, educational institutions and community resources to advance research and program development for people on the autism spectrum, and with bipolar disorder.

The Laurel Foundation

The Laurel Foundation believes that the autism spectrum is a result of natural variations in the human brain that may pose challenges to individuals and their families. We subscribe to the fundamental principle that autistic behaviors are not always issues to be altered and only develop support services where requested that focus on improving quality of life.

We embrace the concept that the autism spectrum should be accepted as a natural expression of the human genome, and accommodated like any other condition where possible.

Mission Statement

Promoting mental wellness through research and program development.

About Us

The Laurel Foundation is run by a small board of Directors with experience in business, finance, neuroscience, education, medicine and autism spectrum disorders. The Directors of the Board volunteer their time and expertise to fulfill the mandate of the foundation. Laurel Foundation is a ‘virtual’ organization, meeting monthly to review and advance selected projects. The foundation has no overhead, made possible by the generosity of local business, who donate use of their meeting rooms and facilities to the Foundation.

Accordingly, all financial donations flow directly through to autism research and mental health programs. The Foundation’s strengths are its diligent stewardship of funds and a committed volunteer board of directors who are dedicated to maximizing the Foundation’s resources to benefit the greatest number of persons in need.

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